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i want using A6 pin or 7 the nano for led bacause i dont have ather free pin .if that possible
or for lcd


A6 and A7 are for analogs only on a Nano.

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A6, A7 are analog input only. Can't drive LEDs with them.
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how add pin or how use lcd withe 74hc959


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Use pins A6 and A7 to free up two pins you are currently using for inputs (buttons etc.).
You'll need an external pullup resistor.


Only need a pull up is you currently read a button (with pinMode(pin, INPUT_PULLUP)). If you swap an analog reading from A0 - A5 you're all good.

But if you want more useful tips, post a schematic (NOT a Fritzing breadboard view) of your circuit + a description of what it does.
Use fricking code tags!!!!
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