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I used to have Macduinoscope working fine until today... when I open Macduinoscope and select the Arduino Duemilanove board serial port, it just hang there... until I need to force kill the process...

After that, the usbserial port is kinda dead ... until I re-plug it in again into my Mac running Snow Leopard..

I'm using the updated version from the URL below :-

I suspect it was the FTDI driver so I re-installed the FTDI drivers...

The serial port is working fine for other apps and no issue uploading hex to the Arduino...

A few times when it did not hang/freeze,  I can see the TX led on Arduino blinking when the Macduinoscope was running but totally no graphs... at other times it just hangs and not responding...

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this issue on a Mac.. or troubleshoot the usbserial port ?? 

I tried another breadboard version with FTDI breakout board... same results..

Thanks for reading...


I have the same problem, did anyone solve that?


Same problem here. Would love to hear any solutions to this.

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