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I notice that the bootloader has to be burned in after every compile with my MKII and AVR studio.

I think this is normal.  If you're programming the device using a "real programmer" instead of the bootloader, a "full chip erase" is usually part of the programming procedure, and that will erase the bootloader as well as any other previous sketch.

I believe this is required.  Locations need to be erased (at least one page at a time) before they can be programmed, and External programming doesn't have access to a single-page-erase command like the self-programming uses from the bootloader.  So you have to erase the entire chip unless you KNOW that the pages you are programming are already erased...


Well, I'm burning in the bootloader with AVR studio, but the sketches I've been loading up the Arduino environment. I only use the MKII because the usb bub isn't loading the bootloader. I did some reading and found that the usb drivers for the MKII have to be uninstalled to install the drivers to use it with Arduino environment. I want to keep it installed for Studio. I am wondering why I can't get the fuses to program to what they are in boards.txt though. ???


Tried it again today. When I try to burn the fuses that are in the boards.txt file it fails to burn them to my chip. Has anyone had this happen? If so, do you think it is the reason I constantly have to burn the bootloader?


Ok, now I have another board that is built in a very similar way and this one does not require the bootloader each time. Same fuses and everything. I believe it has to be something in the hardware.

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