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I feel like this is a very stupid question but it does not make sense. I recently downloaded the most recent version of Arduino on my Mac running Leopard. When I downloaded it, there were no other files besides the +/- symbol arduino application. In the past, when I downloaded 0014, there were folders for library and other stuff. So my question, how can I add new libraries to 0022 and find the hardware folder. I am NOT new to Arduino, I have done this before. The recent version of Arduino just seems to not have the folders that I normally see. So, where can I access the library folder??



Something went wrong here. Either the download or the UNZIP did not create the folders and libraries.

You have to have the ZIP file unpacked into several folders...  I would download again and unzip into a different location...

Let us know...


If you want to install third-party libraries, you should put them in a directory called "libraries" in your Arduino sketchbook directory.  See: http://arduino.cc/en/Guide/Environment#libraries

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