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List of parts you need:
Arduino UNO (the blue thing)
BreadBoard (the white thing)
10 jumper wires (8 short, 2 long)
8 330 ohm resistors
16 LEDs (8 red and 8 yellow if you want it to look cool :) )

Plug in the two longest jumper wires. Connect the 5v slot on the Arduino with the + slot near a30. Connect the GND slot on the Arduino with the - slot right next to the other one.
Bend the resistors so they can connect two close holes. Connect a3, a6, a9, a12, a15, a18, a21 and a24 with any nearby - slot.
Plug in the LEDs into the slots below. Remember, + is the long piece and - is the short piece.
C2(+) and C3(-)
D2(+) and D3(-)
C5(+) and C6(-)
D5(+) and D6(-)
C8(+) and C9(-)
D8(+) and D9(-)
C11(+) and C12(-)
D11(+) and D12(-)
C14(+) and C15(-)
D14(+) and D15(-)
C17(+) and C18(-)
D17(+) and D18(-)
C20(+) and C21(-)
D20(+) and D21(-)
C23(+) and C24(-)
D23(+) and D24(-)

Plug in the jumper wires. Remember, the numbers without letters before them are DIGITAL pins on the actual Arduino.
9 and E23
8 and E20
7 and E17
6 and E14
5 and E11
4 and E8
3 and E5
2 and E2

Plug it into your computer and add the code.

Have fun  8)  8)  8)


How about a schematic of what you have connected?
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