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I have a little problem with the LCD display 2x16
It works very well when plugged alone with the arduino
The bugs start when I try to use the LCD with motors at the same time, it displays only the first message I print in the void setup(), but when the loop starts it doesn't print the IR distance sensors' values as I told it to, instead I see some gibberish scrolling by.
I have checked not to use the same pins for both.
If you have any thoughts please share^^
Thank you


Sounds like a lack of decoupling.  Motors generate a huge amount of electrical noise and can upset sensitive circuits.  Do a search on decoupling, theres plenty of stuff out there.


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I used the same assembly as http://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/LiquidCrystal
except that I put 6.7 instead of 11 and 12 since they are used by the "motor shield" that control 12V motors
I use shield of L298N flamingoeda
Thank you


I do not think it's a voltage supply problem
Since I feed the arduino with its own 12V and the shield also

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