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I am using Arduino DUe in my project and facing some technical problems:
The complete Information about my problem:

1. Windows 10 OS
2. SAM 3X8EAU  Arduino Due Board
3. The board was working fine with Blink program, after then next program uploaded it displayed COM port not found. Power supply was through USB cable to programmer's port.
4. When I connect to USB cable the LED light on board is stable.(No Transmission light)
5.Device manager screenshots attached.
6. Programmer Port Error and Native Port no error.
7.Picture of Arduino board

The board gets overheated and Sketches does'nt get upload. As IDE doesnt recognize the board.


Mar 20, 2018, 08:39 pm Last Edit: Apr 13, 2018, 01:16 pm by ard_newbie
Sometimes you recover from a weird situation by pushing the erase button for 3 seconds, then push the reset button for 3 seconds, then select the proper COM port, and upload (hopefully succesfully).

The USB cable is sometimes faulty too. And finally unplug and plug again the USB cable in your PC until you can see the proper COM port.

There should not be overheating of the voltage regulator, in the contrary, ask a refund to your reseller.

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