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I've been wanting to buy an ambient lighting system for my tv but I dont know nothing really about hooking up circuitboards and resistors etc, but I came across this page a couple of days ago http://geekswithblogs.net/kobush/archive/2009/11/27/136572.aspx,  and this has been something i've been wanting for the last year or so, anyways my uncles he knows somewhat about the electrical stuff and he told me to buy everything for him so when he comes down (a month) he would build it for me. Can someone tell me exactly what I need? I see the links to buy a board but do I need to buy components as well and if I do exactly what do I need to buy so he can build this?

Another page said I could just buy a led-wiz, but price is of course an issue...any help would be great.

Thank you so very much..

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