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I'm looking to build an embedded (in clothing/wristband) sensor system for use in a live painting performance.

I'm messed around with a wiimote and MaxMSP (nothing too complicated), and I've messed about with Arduino+hardware, but never combined the two.

In looking around for sensors at Sparkfun there seems to be ooooodles of options out there.
It's a bit overwhelming.

What I'm basically looking for are:
-self standing (battery powered)
-small (wearable)
-bluetooth (wireless/mobility)

Those are must-haves. From there, it's a matter of control and being modular. I'm thinking/guessing that Accelerometer/Gyro would give stable/fluid/precise readings of movement which can then be read/mapped in MaxMSP to process audio. I don't think I need an outrageous amount of information, particularly since there will be two of them (one per wrist). It would be nice if the system was open to eventually allow for other sensors (flex/pressure etc..).

Are there any all-in-one boards that have accel/gyro/bluetooth built in? Or even further, accel/gyro/bluetooth/arduino?

There's fairly small arduinos out there so it wouldn't be too big a problem if that's separate but if theres an all-in-one board that would be ideal.

On a similar note, what version of the Arduino is best suited for embedded battery powered bluetooth reading?

Finally, here is a video of the kind of thing it would be used for:


That's my wife painting with 2 contact mics on the back of the canvas which are then processed in realtime by myself (on the right) and a friend (on the left).
This sensor idea/system would make for an 8 contact mic system that would be processed based on her movements exclusively.


I found a bit of stuff here.

This seems to have accel/gyro/arduino, but no bluetooth, all built into one package:

Then there's this which has accel/gyro/bluetooth, though no arduino:

Both are a bit pricey (the 2nd in particular at a cool $200).


In looking at stuff a bit more I'm realizing I don't even need an Arduino at all. If I have accel/gyro and bluetooth, I can let the computer deal with the data.

There's this which has accel/gyro built in:

What confuses me is the bluetooth part.

Can I just buy something like one of these?

Can I just have the IMU board, the bluetooth/xbee board, some power, and call it a day? Or does there need to be an Arduino involved to get the two to talk to each other?


It looks like Xbee's have built in ADCs too, which makes that an attractive solution (for cutting out the "Arduino Middleman").

I found this page, but am a bit hazy on how Xbees work in general (if you need two for a connection, or if it just broadcasts to a macbookpro wireless receiver).



Curious what you found out.  Wanting to do something similar to this ;)


I'm going an Arduino+xbee type route. The Xbee can only do so many channels of I/O (less than I need unfortunately).


Hi there,

Any update on your search? I'm going down a similar route by combining Accelerometers/Arduino/Wii with Max. Have run a user study with a Wii-mote but looking to improve by using a MMA7361 Accelerometer with an Arduino Uno. I'm hoping this will clean up the data by bypassing Osculator for Wii data transfer. Additionally, your idea to have a mobile unit with power supply and Bluetooth transfer was my next step  :)





Hey folks,

i have nearly the same project.

I connected:

a adafruit FLORA main board with
a FLORA Accelerometer/Compass Sensor - LSM303 - v1.0
and a Adafruit Flora Bluefruit LE .


I wanna send the accel-data from the sensor via bluetooth to read it with MAX msp.

I don't know yet how to read the data with MAX but i could manage to send the data via bluetooth and read it with the Bluefruit Buddy. It is then connectet via UART and i get date like this:
x-892 y-448 z-100
x-924 y-440 z-128
x-628 y-256 z-736
x-144 y-48 z-1032
x172 y-544 z-1008
x260 y-492 z-656
x348 y-536 z-740
x424 y-776 z-912
x372 y-536 z-860
x256 y-384 z-788
x420 y-604 z-800

Now my questions. Can i also send OSC-data (how?) or can i manage to read the UART-Data with MAX ?
Anyone the same project?

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