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Hi there.

Does anyone know how to properly configure 2 XBee (series 1) radios using XB24-DM firmware so a switch (say D1 set as input) to the first XBee can be output by the second XBee (say D1 as output HIGH)?

Please, any help is greatly appreciated.


If you are not committed to XBee and just starting, I would recommend looking at Synapse Wireless RF Engines.

If you are talking sort distances through walls,

The code or rpc call if you want is fairly simple in python to accomplish what you want. If you are deeply committed to Xbee, I apologize, the rf engines are like the arduino of wireless communications. They have allowed me to quickly accomplish wireless projects.

If you need more range or lower power usage, go with something like:

The RF200 as 3 mile Line-of-sight range, walls will deteriorate the range, but they have plenty of range for your application.

For more information about the RF Engines:

I'm not affiliated with Synapse Wireless, just a mostly happy customer.


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Hi Utoto
Did you manage to put on your 2 xbee's ?  in mode (input/output)
Because I can  help you .
Having had difficulties of my quoted on this subject, I managed to obtain a result, 5 input <=> 5 output.


sorry for my english (french)

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J.C. Woltz,

Thank you for the info. I have looked at all 3 of the links you sent. I am very interested in them. But, I already have the XBee's here.

I will get a set soon though. Thanks again.

Thank you for your offer of help. I am attaching my .pro files for you to look at.

Both XBee's are breadboarded separately via Explorer boards.
Xbee1 has 2 tact switches like yours. XBee2 has 2 LED's like yours.

Please, let me know what you think of my configs and, also, may I see your wiring diagrams? Just in case I am wrong there too.

Don't worry about your English. Now, as for my French.....well, let's just leave it at,

Merci beaucoup William

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