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I've a MKR 1400 Board with SIM, Antenna, and Lipo attached. The TestModem sketch works fine. When trying the GSMScanNetworks sketch with the only change in line 30:
Code: [Select]
GSM gsmAccess(true);     // include a 'true' parameter to enable debugging
I get the following output: (The full output is given in the attachment)

+CREG: 0,0


This part is repeating itself a number of times till the board hangs.
When I google the result I understand, that the first 0 of +CREG: 0,0 means their will be no message when changing the connection status, which is OK. The second zero tells that the board is not connected to a network but it is not searching for a connection either.
Why is the board not looking for a connection?
Why does it hang?
I will be gratefull, if someone could share their ideas.

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