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I found the option to portforward an ip which has no device and it works just fine :-) and with dyn dns it works perfectly. :-)

Now a new question arises.
Is it possible to make a dynamic html site with the arduino?


Depends on what you mean by dynamic. If you mean that you want the Arduino to serve up a page that shows the current values from several sensors attached to it, then, yes you can.

If you mean a page that lets you play a game, that would be more challenging.

The limit is the amount of memory that the Arduino has to contain the structure of the page. All the strings that define the page (HTML, BODY, TITLE, etc. are stored in memory. Too many of them and you run out of memory.


I mean the changing sensor values.
could you tell me how you put the canging values in a page If done a small html code on my arduino but i need to reload evrytime I want to see a change.


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I wouldn't use the arduino as the web server, I'd use it to pass details to a web site somewhere else.

If you have access to web server running PHP [edit: or ASP] (they're free, you could set one up on your home PC), you can create a web page that gets data from the URL.  If you're passing weather data you might have:
index.php?temp=60 where the value comes from your temp sensor.  The php web page can grab that data (using the GET method).

You web server will far more suited to dealing with the data than your arduino, so you'll be able to feed that into a database and output it as a graph.

As far as I'm aware you need to find the web server by IP address, so might be a bit tricky if you opt to use shared hosting, but if you're using a local host it'll be fine, and you'll be able to forward the port properly.


I would publish the data to Pachube.  It gives you free graphing and you can add triggers.  http://www.pachube.com/

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