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So I'm starting a new project that requires me to use R/F signals to control 4 motors with a controller.
I take apart an old R/C car my dad bought for me when I was a kid and this is what I got

Would the 4th image be my receiver?
or would it be some where on the pcb in picture 3?


1 Motor
2 switch
3 receiver (with relays (?))
4 switch
5 motor
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What could the image 4 switch be used for exactly?


Photo not clear enough - maybe a simple resistive speed controller.
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ahh that does make sense.
It was apart of the turning mechanism.

So the receiver has 13 wires in total
which wires would I hook into my arduino for a r/f motor control set-up?


So the receiver has 13 wires in total
which wires would I hook into my arduino for a r/f motor control set-up?

Tell me you're kidding.
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well I have a motor shield so I won't be using any motors directly to my arduino.
But I'm a newb and who's learning about this kind of stuff.
I was 100% serious.


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3 of the wires are for the power supply(red, blue, black)

and another 4 are for the the dc motors(red black)

1 random black wire is connected to the atennae(

another black wire is connected to the power switch.

the other 4 wires are for the switch in image 4 (blue,white,yellow,green) =/


Well then, you need to ask yourself what could the strange PCB switch be for.
Bet you wished you'd gone around it with a scope or meter before you wrecked it.
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This is either
1: A very very old RC car
2: A toy with radio control

The PCB you got is not really common in RC cars, mostly you will find an electronic speed controller and a receiver, two separate units.
Then there are the motor and the servo, hooked up to the ESC and the receiver hooked up to the ESC as well.

This PCB is probably going to be hard to figure out, since you didn't label the wires coming out of it before you ripped them out.
I think you'd be better off buying a new RF receiver (like an xbee, loads of examples to be found for Arduino use) or a standard receiver for RC cars.


That's more than a scrape - it looks a complete write-off to me!  :)
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