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I have spent many days, studying datasheets and schematics, to be able to design this board. I would like to see what you people think of it, Please share any mistakes I made in the design process, I am going to be sending this out to a board house soon to get 10 PCB's made of it, its made where all the pins are  broken out on the Atmega328p and the Interrupts for each of the sensors are broken out as well. It has built in I2C Logic Level Conversion from 5v to 3v3. It currently has 10DOF With a 3 axis Accelerometer and Magnetometer on one Chip(lSM303DLHC), and has a 3 axis Accelerometer (L3G4200D) and a Barometer(MPL3115A2). Please feel free to contact me for the Schematic and Board Files for Eagle, if you like it!


Need more 0.1uF caps - U1 VCC, VCC, AVCC, Aref,
D2,D4 need current limit resistors. Is D4 even needed?
What is range of Vin expected?
Why not use fixed output regulators for 3.3V, 5V?
Q1, Q2 not needed - disable internal pullups when Wire.begin in called, pullup SCL, SDA to 3.3V instead.
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I wasn't going to used fixed output regulators due to lower amperage that they out, I didn't think they would put out enough juice, and the VIN I expect is about 5-9 Volts DC. and Yes I do need more Caps on the inputs for the DC? Wouldnt a large DC Cap on the output of the 5 and 3v3 solve that problem? And I forgot current limiting resistors, whoops.... And thanks for that tip on Q1, and Q2 I added them anyways just incase I wanted to use a 5v and a 3v3 Sensor on the same SDA and SCL line, its better to be safe than sorry!

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