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Well, glad to see that you got it working :)
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The level of chattiness seems to ebb and flow.  The lack of response to your post can simply be timing. 

True. Guess I'm just used to the other forum I frequent where someone always has something to say about everything no matter what. Though I hate the phrase, I guess "It [this forum] is what it is." A great place to do research, get questions answered and look at some really cool projects. (i.e. Grumpy Mike's latest. That's pretty awesome!)
10 PRINT CHR$(7)
20 GOTO 10


Dang it!  There's an email from you sitting in my inbox that needs a reply.  Sorry about that Graynomad.

No problems, I've answered my own questions. The '85 emulator is largely working but it will need a special core port I think and I have other projects to play with for the time being.


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