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Author Topic: TPIC6B595 shield  (Read 1526 times)
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So I just got my first PCB in from batchPCB tonight.  Its a LED driver shield using the TPIC6B595 shift registers as sinks for an array of LEDs.  I'm using it to control an LED array for a beer pong table I'm building.  Not the most noble effort, but its fun to have something to work on.  Put it all together and was so excited I had to tell someone about it.

Here it is by itself

With the mega

Because its for a ruit table I've only broken out 20 of the 24 sinks.  If there is any interest I can redesign it to have all 24 sinks broken out to jumpers and put it up on batchPCB market along with a bill of parts so it could be put together as a kit.  You can get pretty much everything from digikey for SUPER cheap.

Here is a video of it in action (you might want to mute it unless you want to hear my girlfriend talk about some class she's taking)


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I miss the background music e.g. "Close encounters of the third kind " smiley

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