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Here is a video of my latest project the Hexome.
This is a hexagonal based monome.


Hexagons are cool but a bit of a pain because their spacing involves a root 3, a non rational number. This means you can't lay it out on strip board, it needs a special PCB. That's why I built my CNC project mainly to do this project.

The hexagonal spacing allows different sorts of sequencers to be built with sequencing tracks going off at different repeating rates. I have only just begun to explore the possibilities that this opens up. It also allows a more comprehensive way of generating a keyboard for music.

Full construction page to follow in a few weeks, after I show it at the UK Maker Faire in Newcastle 12 / 13th March.

Some stills at:-


As an aside from someone who has drawn a LOT of hex "grids" by hand, with a compass.

Draw them geometrically!

By hand or in software it'll save you a lot of hair pulling!

And for extra geek credit...

Draw an I-Ching.
Before you start, think of the significance of the I ching figure,
then think  binary digits and powers of 2



Draw them geometrically!

Yes indeed. That is why all the drawings for the laser cutter were actually generated by a processing program creating PDF files.


That's a fantastic quality build Mike.

Where do you get your plastics cut ?


I used the Epoc laser cutter at Manchester Fab Lab to cut the key tops and the plastic tube holes. I wish I could afford one but they are about £8K each.


Here's hoping Birmingham get a Fab Lab soon - I think I would virtually live there :)

I have access to a massive flat bed water jet cutter (at an aerospace company my brother runs) but really need some specific plastic cuts.


hmm - have just read up and apparently a water jet cutter is better than laser for acrylics.  Going to get some to try it now :)


Weird.  But neat. :-)


Why not use WiFi Leds & Buttons ?
Less wiring needed  XD


could you program it to play abalone?



Wow. Amazing project. I love Maker Faire Bay Area. Wish I could make it to the UK one and come see it in person.

BTW, as a former drummer I like the fact that it's timed in triplets.


Wish I could make it to the UK one and come see it in person.

Hopefully I will be going to it, so I can tell you how good it was!  XD XD XD
My website: http://www.harryrabbit.co.uk/electronics/home.html Up and running now! (Feel free to look round!) :D


Excellent project Mike. Very nice.


Cool as always!
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From someone who's struggling to even get out of the blocks and get beyond 'blink', I am mesmerised by your talent!

I'll have an 'P' please Bob!

Awsome work.

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