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Udo Klein

Rob do you use JTAG exclusively under Windows or did you ever do this with Linux? If so - how is this done?
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Just Windoze I'm afraid, but for programming I just use AVRdude so I assume that works under UNIX. Presumably Studio is required for debugging.

BTW, I've just posted details about one of my current projects


We used some of the same keywords so let me know if I'm doing something too close to your board :)

Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com

Udo Klein

Cool - but not even close ;) There are already some open projects out there that are more than close to what I am doing. I might even port one of the open solutions to my board so that there will be immediately a choice to run it open or closed :)

Check out my experiments http://blog.blinkenlight.net



could you tell me the company that made the boards for you? Could you give a bit more info on that? Like you gave them only the blueprints, or did you also give them the components? For 140 euro each board they must have done everything from scratch right??

P.S. Good luck with the product!

Udo Klein

The company is http://www.pcb-pool.com/. I gave them my eagle files. I had them order most of the SMD parts and place them. I provided two special SMD parts that they did not have to order. I hand soldered the TTH parts (display, switches, connectors).

Worked much better than expected and was pretty easy following their guidelines. The quality is very good. All mistakes are due to mistakes that I made in the eagle files.


Check out my experiments http://blog.blinkenlight.net


Thnx for the info!

So basically they built the PCBs and soldered all SMD parts, right? 700 euros seem expensive though for 5 boards...

Udo Klein

Why do you think it is expensive? Especially without knowing how many parts and how expensive the parts?
Check out my experiments http://blog.blinkenlight.net


Sorry I misread, I thought you paid that just for the pcb and the soldering...

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