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Hi... I've been working with another guy to get Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 to work in tandem with the Arduino IDE... Primarily because of all the extra features Visual Studio offers... Not that I am promoting or bashing Microsoft - just neutral on that point.

I have one small problem that I hope has an easy fix.

In order for the intellisense of Microsoft Visual Studio to work correctly with included libraries, it requires that the .h / .cpp files reside in one common directory or that one modify the include statement to something like <Ethernet\Ethernet.h> - whatever the directory is that includes the .h/.cpp files...

However, if I leave the files in the directory and use the <Ethernet\Ethernet.h> approach, the Arduino IDE claims it can not find the file.

It's a simple enough thing to create copies of all the files and move them into 1 directory - but it is organizationally a bit messy.

Is there any way to change any preference in Arduino to allow for the directory name e.g., <Ethernet\Ethernet.h>

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