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Hi there what I am trying to do here is  convert Analog signal to Digital data and pass it through a bluetooth device. The bluetooth device is found on sparkfun WRL - 10393 it has RTS, RX, TX, VCC, CTS, GND, PI06. I have connected them to the Arduino UNO board. Connected RS to pin 0, TX to pin 1, RTS to pin 2, VCC to 3.3 v, GND to GND, CTS to GND, and PI06 to pin 4. I am trying to detect milivolts that are seen on the forehead. So I have build a EEG hardware with 2 leads that are on contact to the forehead. This goes through a filter and amplifier ciruit which amplifies the signal to around 3 volts peak to peak then connected to the Audrino Uno A0 pin.

Now is this possible, please respond as soon as possible.

Thank You for reading.


You have everything hooked up with a (relatively unuseful) text description (and assumed to have software), so you tell us.  Is it possible?
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HI I have connected the board and paired it with my laptop but I still don't know whats the use for RTS and CTS. Can someone please explain me how the pins work on the board.

Here is a pic ... let me know if I made mistakes

Thank You

Any input is appreciated


RTS and CTS are Ready To Send and Clear To Send. You don't need to use them, you can just use Rx and Tx. Which look to be connected correctly.

Can you pair the device?

More information about the symptoms please.

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