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Christopher Overstreet

I am sending values over serial from max.  I have single chars being handled with if/else statements in arduino.  What I want is a simple messaging/labeling system.  I am aware of the many libraries that do this and much much more for me.  But I just want to know the code of how to do it without an external library, as I am still trying to learn the basics here.  Thanks for the help.

from max these are some example messages

I would like to:
"if the first char is a then set the value[a] to 222"
if the first char is z then set the value of [z] to 235


How would I go about achieving this.  To let you know where I am coming from attached is the static version I have running:

   if (Serial.available() > 0){         // Check serial buffer for characters
    char ch = Serial.read();
//Serial.println ('ch');

      if (ch == 'a') {       // If an 'r' is received then run the motor
dc1.setSpeed (250);    // This is where I would like the value 250 instead to come from a longer input message ie. a250
dc1.run(FORWARD);      // turn it on going forward
// Serial.println ("Moter one triggered!");
      else if (ch == 'z') {       // If an 's' is received then stop the motor
dc1.setSpeed (0); 
dc1.run(RELEASE);      // turn it off


Code: [Select]
"if the first char is a then set the value[a] to 222"     
If you subtract 'a' from the label, you'll get a simple index zero to twenty five.
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