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I heard there are no stupid questions compared with not asking at all so is the COM pin on the ULN2803A the same as the Emitter?

Or is this schematics correct?
(sorry the upload directory was full)


No, Ground is the pin that all emitters are connected to.
COM is the pin that would to go motor V+ if you had motors, or relay coils, etc.
You should be good as drawn.
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Ahh, I think I get it now.
Thank you CrossRoads!


My only reservations are all the sensors going into the 4051. These have to have an output that is less than 5V. If the output ever goes above this then it will fry something. Given that it is a 12V system there is a danger that this voltage will be present on the sensors.


You're absolute right Mike, I should work out the v12 to v5.
This is my schematics of a single v12 input:

(hell yeah! I love Eagle already)

Quick question: are there any parts around that combine the voltage regulator and capacitors?

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