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i'm new to the arduino.. and programming in general. i just recently purchased my first arduino UNO :)

a project thats interests me alot is PID calculations and want to build something to play around with this.
i was wondering if anyone has built anything similar to this?
a PID card with 3 potentiometers for tunning each parameter gain on the fly.

inputs would be:
   -(0 to 5V) analog input
   -(0 to 5V) analog input for PID calculation
   - pot. for P_parameter
   - pot. for I_parameter
   - pot. for D_parameter

   - (0 to 100%) PWM




there was a guy that made a library for pid control

im not too familiar with it, but perhaps it can help you.


A PID controller would be a good idea to build regardless someone did it a thousand times or not  ;)
One more thing, besides the three nobs, you need a reset button to reset the integral  :)
Serial LCD keypad panel,phi_prompt user interface library,SDI-12 USB Adapter

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