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maybe somewone else has done the same stupid thing, but i can't find an answer.
Please be patient, I'm just starting with electronics. 

Basically I set up my arduino as ISP with an second Atmega328 on breadboard.
The second one was set to use internal RC oscillator at 8 MHZ. I set Fuses via avrdude commandline and programmed the "Blink" sketch via arduino IDE. Everything fine and working.

Then i tried to reduce voltage on the breadboard to 3,3V. Connected The ISP of my Arduino board ( MISO, MOSI, etc.) and hit "upload". There came a error message in the IDE ... "Wiring wrong"

After a while i reworked my breadboard layout and tried to upload another sketch. Nothing worked.
Also avrdude could no more get contact to the second AVR. Always "device signature failure".

After a sharp look, I discovered my failure:
On one side I Placed VCC and GND correct, on the side, where AREF is, I placed 5V into the GND-pin and Gnd into a Digital IO pin. I can imagine that is not healthy for the AVR.

So is it shure I can throw that AVR away, or do I have a software problem?
if it is damaged my next question is: what was the initial problem?

1. Did I fry my AVR by the 3,3 V Supply and 5V ISP Signals from Arduino board?
2. Did I toast my AVR  by the wrong stiched VCC and GND pin
3. Did I damage some ports on the arduino on the board? (seems to work like before)

Or: are there other reasons why avrdude can not read from the device?

The commandline i use:
avrdude -p m328p -c stk500v1 -b 19200 -P /dev/ttyACM0 -v -v
Fuses for 8MHZ internal RC worked before:   L:E2 H:9A E:FF

Thanks for your help. 


Hi, welcome to the forum.

It is hard to tell what is damaged or what is wrong.
The 5V ISP signals is often no problem, but it depends how much current is going into the pin to the 3.3V.
It is not only the ATmega328P (the target), but the Arduino as ISP might also be damaged.

The Arduino IDE can write a bootloader with a programmer, but can also upload a sketch with a programmer (that option is in the menu). It will set the fuses as well, according to the settings in the file "boards.txt".
If your ATmega328P with internal 8MHz oscillator is compatible with one of the Arduino boards, you could select that board, and you don't have to use avrdude.

Do you use the newest Arduino IDE ? version 1.0.6 or 1.5.8 ?

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