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Due to the lack of much on the market normal people can afford I want to build a controller
for my 80G reef aquarium. I have never done a Arduino project before so I am the newest of
new beginners. This looks like a good project to start with but it's a bit unorganized (maybe just me
not knowing what I am looking at yet). I don't see any kind of parts list and schematic of this controller,
is there one? Also some of the links don't seem to work.

Should I look for a simpler project for my first? I have a basic electronics understanding but know
programming experience.

Thanks :)



Should I look for a simpler project for my first?

If you want to understand how it all works, yes you should start with a simpler project. Otherwise, you need a kit put together for you. An aquarium controller contains several simple projects put together. You will be able to make it your own if you understand how it works.

I think you will enjoy the process. I recommend starting with the LEDs and work from there.

Good luck!
Good links: Eagle tutorial= http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDE1858BD83D19C70
General Arduion tutorials = http://tronixstuff.wordpress.com


I'm trying to build this project everything works okay except the LED
They work upside when it is in 100% LEDs are switched off and when it is in 0% the LEDs in full power


hi all,

could you help out a VERY newbie to the arduino side of things, tried to compile stilo 3.0
and got 104 errors??

tried various ide builds from 1.5.4 all the way back to 1.0 all resulted in the same 
cant be anything to do with the mega as im only verifying

tried a couple of the utft examples which compile and run ok, so looking to you guys for a heads up
got 3 arduinos one for the tank controller and the others for me to learn on

hope you can help??


I would ask someone who would be able to help...
I built a controller (Stillo 3.0, thanks for share this) according to the instructions (i use 3 LED channels +moonlight) and everything seems to work perfectly except for one small thing and that is the moonlight part of code.
The problem is that whatever i set the LED conected to moonlight channel do still the same - it never turn off or reduce power according to the settings. (Weird) It is same in both real time and standard mode.
I already tried set moonlight to another pin and it is still the same.
But when i change that pin to classic dimmed (PWM) channel (lets say channel 4) then it is steered completely without problems. Does anyone have the same problem? Or have someone idea what can cause this?


Hi, I tried this sketch, but the result is in the image file, why?



Jan 26, 2015, 12:18 am Last Edit: Jan 26, 2015, 12:25 am by pedrokoi
hello main englisch is not so good but i have a problem with the sketch
if i load the sketch in the ardunio 1.5.8 and i do u  serial monitor i have the next errors.

Code: [Select]
Arduino: 1.5.8 (Windows 8), Board: "Arduino Mega or Mega 2560, ATmega2560 (Mega 2560)"

FirstQuarter.c:9:1: error: unknown type name 'prog_uint16_t'
prog_uint16_t FirstQuarter[0x9C4] PROGMEM ={
FirstQuarter.c:9:15: error: variable 'FirstQuarter' must be const in order to be put into read-only section by means of '__attribute__((progmem))'
prog_uint16_t FirstQuarter[0x9C4] PROGMEM ={


can sawhane help me

graets pedro


It's very nice. I used to have an idea about controllers with screen but unfortunately all I've done was a mess with a burned Mega board. Your work motivate me so much man.


Arduino: 1.6.0 (Windows 7), Board: "Arduino Mega or Mega 2560, ATmega2560 (Mega 2560)"

Stilo_3_0.ino:2:8: error: too many decimal points in number
Stilo_3_0.ino:38:16: fatal error: UTFT: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
Error compiling.

  This report would have more information with
  "Show verbose output during compilation"
  enabled in File > Preferences.

here what can I do


Hello Vasco

Really like your work.

I have been through your code and before i purchase the hardware i want to confirm something.
I am a complete beginner so please excuse me if it is a dumb question.

I am using IDE v1.05 and when i compile your program i get the following error.

C:\arduino-1.0.5/Stilo_3_0.ino:556: undefined reference to `BigFont'
C:\arduino-1.0.5/Stilo_3_0.ino:558: undefined reference to `SmallFont'

I know it has to do with the font but i just cant figure it out. please help.


Mine (not yet) finished light and tank controller.
No documentation yet but the sketch (source code) is available here.
I've decided to use older Arduino Mega board as those are on ebay for about the same price as Uno.
The screen is 3.2'' TFT with touch panel, again from ebay for about £16. There are few different ones, mine has Himax HX8347-A controller and can work only with 16-bit parallel interface. I use Henning Karlsen's libraries to drive the screen and touch panel.
Last bit is RTC chip DS1307, again from ebay.  :smiley-roll:
At the moment everything is connected on breadboard, I have to order few more bits to connect it to my LED lights.
The temperature probe is simple thermistor connected in series with resistor so it's not very accurate, ideally I'd make it more reliable and control heaters and coolers instead of my TC-10. Using digital temp sensor like DS18B20 would be much simpler but I couldn't find a waterproof one.
To do list contains another temp sensor to control temperature of LED heatsinks and RPM of fans, add EEPROM library to save settings and data logging, PH meter and maybe connect pumps i.e. powerheads so they can be controlled by touchscreen.


Main screen:

LED test screen:

Beloved friend, i am getting the error code,
Arduino: 1.6.6 (Windows 7), Board: "Arduino/Genuino Mega or Mega 2560, ATmega2560 (Mega 2560)"

WARNING: Category '' in library OneWire is not valid. Setting to 'Uncategorized'
FirstQuarter.c:9: error: unknown type name 'prog_uint16_t'

 prog_uint16_t FirstQuarter[0x9C4] PROGMEM ={


FirstQuarter.c:9: error: variable 'FirstQuarter' must be const in order to be put into read-only section by means of '__attribute__((progmem))'

 prog_uint16_t FirstQuarter[0x9C4] PROGMEM ={


exit status 1
unknown type name 'prog_uint16_t'

  This report would have more information with
  "Show verbose output during compilation"
  enabled in File > Preferences.


Is the sketch for that project available? The Link above doesn't work anymore. That would be great!

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