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so... thought i would share this bit of idiocy for your entertainment.

i was wiring up the sub-panel for my CNC camper, and to check the sub-panel for correct installation, before running the various circuits in the camper, i plugged in the large supply cable. the cable jumped, and i heard a "Buzzzzz-pop" of the sub-panel breaker in the main panel. dead short!?!?!?  :o  :o  :o
Keep in mind, it is fully legal here to work on your own power, from the main-panel and so on. (meter to main-panel must be done by a licensed electrician)
so i did some investigating, and found, in the sub-panel supply line box grommet, that i had tightened the wire securing plate on the grommet too tight, and it pinched a tiny bit of insulation off one of the hot pairs, thus connecting the hot to ground. so now i have to strip back the wire sheathing, and tape the hell out of the wire.
just an example of what can happen when you rush through something. i visually checked the connections before plugging it in, but i could not see the pinched wire. after reassembly, perhaps i will check for continuity, where there shouldn't be, before plugging in the power.  :o ;)

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Yep, it happens to nubs. That's why it is often better to use plastic nm connectors, they won't get pinched.

It may be legal to do your own work but whether your insurance company covers unliscenced work is a different story.

A while ago swim connected a entire roll of wire to a defective breaker whilst the far end of the cable was dead-shorted. It was quite a show. The roll sparked around itself like a fuse.
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