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Author Topic: correct baud-rate for avrdude to programme ATMEGA8-16PU  (Read 1930 times)
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Hi Arduino,
I am lost in loading bootloader for Arduino Single Sided on ATMEGA8-16PU.
Here is my problem.
1- I made the Arduino Single Sided V3 from this page
2- Placed ATMEGA8-16PU in the board and attached it to the Parallel Programmer described here and attached external 9V battery.
3- Accessed the controller using avrdude using command line and it returned correct signature 0x1e9307.
4- I executed this command "avrdude -p atmega8 -c dapa -P lpt1 -U lock:w:0xff:m" it worked well. Everything was fine till this point and controller returning correct signature.
5- Then this  "avrdude -p atmega8 -c dapa -P lpt1 -U hfuse:w:0xca:m -U lfuse:w:0xdf:m" and suddenly after execution of this command controller was returning wrong signature 0x000012.

What is wrong? i cannot go further? why it is returning the wrong signature.
But i noticed something odd, controller was not returning 0xffffff it means it is not bricked, its alive and hence returning signature whatever it is.
May be the default baud-rate of programmer is not matching anymore with the baud-rate change in controller for different clock source.
What should i do ?

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Make absolutely certain the crystal and capacitor connections are good.

returning wrong signature 0x000012

Was "0x000012" the signature value returned?  Or was the value "0x000102"?

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