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So I'm looking to upgrade from the ATMEGA328PB-AU (B version has 2 I2C ports) to the ATSAMC21G1XA to get more I/Os and more memory. While the SAMD21 seems to have good Arduino support I'm looking to support 5V I/O, hence the SAMC variant.

I'm wondering what kind of pain I'm taking on. Is there a place/project showing what software support there is for the SAMC devices?


SAMC SHOULD be relatively similar to the SAMD, for which there is already a core (many cores, in fact.)
I actually laid out a SAMC board to experiment with (https://hackaday.io/project/20190-atmel-samc-breakout, but I got a bit disillusioned when I realized that there's no native USB, and that my soldering skill may not be up to QFN :-(


Mattairtech has a fork of the SAMD core that is modified to work with the SAMC and SAML micros, I haven't personally used it but it looks like it should be ok.

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