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Is I2c communication between arduino shield (connected to an arduino uno 1 ) and arduino uno 2 possible? .
I'm using arduino shield to control two motors, i wanted this to be slave and the same controlled using another master arduino where i'll be connecting further more components.


Please guys, anyone reply fast, is it possible to connect arduino uno with shield as slave to another arduino uno or not??



And why would you want to that? It makes no sense?
i'm gonna connect other devices like keypad, barcode scanner and an lcd display, so i needed to control the arduino board with shield from the other arduino where i'll  be connecting other devices.


i think found the answer:

According to tutorial, the shield uses almost all D pins. Free are pins 2 and 13. If servo is not used the pins 9 and 10 are free too. The pin 2 has the extra hole to solder a wire or a single pin header.

All analog pins are free and the shield enables to solder headers for them with additional header rows for 5V and ground for every A pin.

You can use analog pins as digital pins to connect the ultrasonic sensor.

Connection of I2C devices is possible on A4 and A5 pins.

The shield doesn't alow to stack a next shield, because it heats up.


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