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I have been wanting to create a light bar, just like how was created in the wifi light bar project (recently posted on the blog), however I haven't been able to find suitable connectors.  Would anyone know of a decent style connector to use for such an application?

My requirements are:

1. The light bar must be 1 foot long (I wanted to create a few of these).
2. The LEDs must not be soldered, I want to be able to replace them easily.
3. I want each LED to be controlled by an output pin of a controller or expansion board

Let me know if this sounds right.  When I am hooking all of these LEDs up,  I assume that the ground on each LED are all tied together and that the positive PIN on the LED is what is tied to the controller. 

Once I get all of that figured out, I'll need to find some kind of expansion board that can handle X number of outputs...

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