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Hello everybody!

I am new in Arduino projects, I am trying to do an RF module with nRF24L01. I has two Arduino UNO (Original and "original" chinese).

I am using code from SETISAEDU (https://github.com/SETISAEDU/Prueba-de-larga-distancia-nRF24L01).

In the Original Arduino this code work fine when I connect wires in ICSP pins that are near to USB connector, but if I use ICSP (11,12,13 pins) or ICSP pins near the light ON doesn't work.

In the Arduino chinese version it doesn't work in any ICSP pins.

I suppose that all ICSP pins are the same, but when I test continuity with multimeter the ICSP pins near the USB connector are not the same than the others.

I do not understand why!

Someone who can help me, I would appreciate all help.

(Sorry for my English, I only speak Spanish)


You need to provide a diagram of the connections you are talking about. I don't want to make suggestions based on the wrong interpretation of your verbal description. Make a simple pencil drawing and post a photo of it. See this  Simple Image Guide

Also post your programs

On my genuine Uno the ICSP header near the USB connector is for the Atmega 16U2 that is used to convert the USB signals to TTL signals for the Atmega 328.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


Ok, thanks for your help. I am going to upload the images.

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