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Hello everyone,

first of all sorry for my bad english but sadly it is not my native language.

I am a biginner in programming and i tried to manage my projekt with simple copy and past codes.
It worked out for a while but now i need some help of professionals.

I just asking for advice or a statement if my thoughts can be reproduced in a code.

I try to make a jellyfish for a festival. I have 5 m led stripes wich will be cutted in different parts.

Led stripe is working with different effecs. The head will be pulsating and the
tentacle will have a running effect.

To improve the visual effect it would be nice to sync this actions the the beat of the
on-site music.

I bought a sound sensor for this but all normal tutorials just show me how could chanche the intensity of the led´s.

So I thought it would be easier and more energy-saving to install a tap-button, to get the bpm to sync the movement of the led´s to the music.

Now my question to you professionals out ther :)

Is there any way to do this ?

If someone does know any tutorial for such tap-button feel free tho writhe it down here.

Any help would be nice. I know lots of you guys put a lot of effort in your skills but it would be a big help to get some feedback and some hints for my problem.

Thank you  and looking forward hearing from you.



What did you mean by "tap-button"? Did you mean a push-button? How will that help you get the BPM, unless you are there to press the button in time to the music?


It's quite a common feature in audio programs. Press a key/button in time with the music for a few seconds, work out the BPM from that and then run everything following at that BPM.

It's not difficult. Just measure the time between button pushes, calculate an average over some period (2 or 3 seconds is usually enough) and set the BPM accordingly. It's usually set up so at any time you can have another go and reset the program BPM.

Give it a try.


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