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We'd like to announce a new version of our Gadget Shield for Arduino Uno, Duemilanove, and Mega/Mega2560. New features include speaker, microphone, screw terminals for power, stackable headers, cuttable jumpers, new digital accelerometer, reoriented IR emitter/detector to allow for non-contact object sensing and more natural remote control position.

The Gadget Shield comes fully assembled and ready to use. Included gadgets are:

  • 3-axis digital accelerometer (Freescale MMA7660FC) with tap/shake detection and tilt/orientation reporting

  • High-brightness RGB LED with PWM control over each color

  • Speaker for playing tones and alert sounds

  • Microphone with low-pass filter and amplifier

  • 38 kHz logic infrared detector (can be used for remote controls)

  • Infrared LED emitter (can be used for remote controls)

  • IR emitter/detector can be used for non-contact object sensing/ranging

  • Visible light sensor

  • Thumbwheel potentiometer

  • Two general-purpose tactile pushbuttons

  • Four general-purpose LED's

  • Two-pin screw terminal block connection to Vin/GND -- simplifies standalone installations

  • Stacking headers allows another shield to sit on top

  • Cuttable jumpers allow disconnecting gadgets from Arduino pins to use pins for other purposes

A class library is provided for quick development. Here is a code sample:

Code: [Select]
/* Play a tone on the speaker whenever pushbutton #1 is pressed */
#include <GadgetShield.h>
void setup(void) {
void loop(void) {
  if (GS.IsSwitch(0)) GS.Speaker(440);
  else GS.Speaker(0);

Please visit the product page for more information and videos.

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