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I've bene playing with a Parallax Ping module now for a while, and I've noticed that it excels at large, flat objects and has trouble over 5 feet with cloths, fabrics and irregularly shaped things (ie, People).

Having some understanding of how the arduino has to talk to the Ping sensor, does it absolutely HAVE to be identical pings at the same time?  The Ping has to be triggered, send a burst out, wait for the return, and then send the timing back to the arduino...sooo (hypothesizing) if you were to stagger them by (standby - rapid datasheet math here) 25 milliseconds...you could theoretically have them operate on the same arduino.  For the project that you are proposing, I don't see why this couldn't be accurate enough...

As I see it, if you write code poorly enough, you'll have more delays and slowdown in the coding execution, than you will inaccuracies by the two units being offset by 25 milliseconds...if you write your functions correctly, they can easily compensate for the staggered execution... i think...

is 25 milliseconds gonna kill ya?


thebigphish, that is an EXCELLENT suggestion!!!!!! i will try to write this code and see how it works.

Now if I can only get the LEDs to work.

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