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I have just wired up an EA DOGL128 LCD to my arduino mega. I am trying to use the dogm128 library that is compatible with the arduino environment. The only problem is that the library is mainly for the UNO ans the duemilanove. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the library and if possible help me port it over to the arduino mega.

I have changed a few lines in Dogm/utility/dogm128.h
-Uncommented #define DOGM128_HW
-#define PIN_SCK   52
-#define PIN_MISO  50  //Aparently not used
-#define PIN_MOSI  51
-#define PIN_SS    53
-#define PIN_A0_DEFAULT     22

But I still have nothing on the display after I upload. I'm using a max3002 to convert voltages from 5v to 3.3V.


LCD: http://www.lcd-module.com/eng/pdf/grafik/dogl128-6e.pdf
Connections: http://code.google.com/p/dogm128/wiki/dogm128_arduino_hardware
Installation: http://code.google.com/p/dogm128/wiki/install


Everything works fine I retyped these lines in this post mine were backwards in the header file:

-#define PIN_MISO  50  //Aparently not used
-#define PIN_MOSI  51


Header file seems ok.
Did you solve your problem?


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