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Thanks MarkIT yeah it won't be possible to run that motor, i'll take a look at the one you've mention maybe that'll solve my issues or else I'll just grab a different motor less headache hehehe. Thanks allot!


Bear in mind that the motor should be matched in power to the load it needs to drive - and that should dictate the driver requirements.  If you need the power and torque you'll need a beefier driver circuit, if you can use less power/torque a smaller motor is a good idea (steppers take a lot of power at standstill...)

I think Pololu are currently out of stock of their nifty little stepper driver - I think its about up to the task (2A per winding) for yours - check it out, its a tiny yet powerful board using the A4983.
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Hi MarkT thanks for the advices, I tried a different motor this one is  bipolar from vexta model PK245-01AA which has a rating of 1.2A/phase 4v and with a resistance of 3.3 ohms. I based the design from a four wire circuit found here http://www.arduino.cc/en/Reference/StepperBipolarCircuit  with some adjustments.

  • 1. I am using 7239D

  • 2. I added five 0.1uF ceramics on pins 4,5,12, 13 and 16

  • 3. I also added a 100uF 10v on pins 8 and 16

  • 4. I also powered the circuit and the motor using arduino's Vin

I was able to run the motor however, I noticed that the H-bridge was taking up heat so fast. I'm assuming that the motor driver cannot handle the load from the stepper motor. Is there any way to avoid such heating issue? like adding a 7297? please advise.

Thanks again.

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