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guys i have a small request, could u please mod code blocks (open source), to compile arduino.. its a very good ide and easy to use even for a beginner..the current alpha arduino ide doesnt work that fast on windows. Its interface is good but not upto mark to cope with the vast community and libraries i found.. I was previously using pic controller, then a friend of mine showed me his arduino uno, and the vast library which i thought was only available for pic's only.
I found a post on how to set code-blocks to compile arduino source files (i mean the cpp files with arduino compiler), but was difficult to follow.
I dont know what are the complications of using that open-source ide for this, but may be it can help a lot for beginners to use it.. it also got many features in built. Combining current arduino ide features with code-blocks would be an easy go for beginners..
just to show the difference..

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