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If you are inexperianced, then no, get the FTDI one since its more known and suppoted. Once you have the hang of it then the cheap prolific ones are good for other things you want to do, but if you use one then you are basically trying to troubleshoot two things at once, and you wont know if its the cable or something else causing you problems.



I have 'only' used the Arduino 0018 IDE.

I took one of these CA-42 (pl2303) data cables, soldered the wires to correct pads.. (only 3)

and then used a 'header pin' that plugs into my breadboard.

I throw my Atmel chip in the breadboard, (tons of links/tuts on how to set this up), with crystal, resistors..etc..

main thing is a RESET switch.

I open the IDE....open my sketch..

upload sketch to my chip.. as soon as I see the 'text' at bottom of IDE saying sketch size..etc..

I hit RESET button..  works every time.


first of all... thanx guys..

most of the writings on the pl2303 demonstrates much on the usage of avrdude... which i dont quite familiar.coz i thought avrdude is the only way to go with the pl2303... heh guess i was wrong. so lets tune up the pl2303... hope it my cheap dream will come true.

by the way... ive had  experienced most of the 16 series PICs but not Atmels. i thought i was goin the cheapy way. ive just started on the Arduinos since theres so many experts in the line... so i guess it would be easy for me to learn from the best. looks like it... so far so good.

but wait... u mean its ok if we manually reset the chip without the dtr? or rts? i forgot which one was it...

thanx by the way.

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