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I am interested in putting together a controller to trigger cameras and associated gear. So I thought I would use the Arduino Mini Pro with a display that uses little power but can be seen running, so I didn't go for backlit diplsays. It will switch optos on and off to control the cameras. So I found this display that uses only 2ma.

Would this work? I just want it to run for like a week on a set of AA batteries.



Looks like it's just a HD44780 controller.  Many people have these working with Arduino's.


I just want it to run for like a week on a set of AA batteries.
You will need to look at the datasheet for the complete module to find out how much current it draws.  The LCD display can be turned on and off by software so you can probably save power (but I'm not sure how much) by not displaying anything while you are not there to look at it.



Would an e-ink display work for your rig?  They draw zero current apart from when you want to refresh them..

Also, a 9V battery might be more practical?  I'm running a reverse geocache from two in parallel..

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