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Anyone can share the wire connection of the servo?

I have two  9g a0090
wire black- connected to gnd
wire red- connected to 5v
wire white- connected to d9 or d8

about melexis
i have
gnd-to gnd
3.3v-to red 3.3v
scl-line to 3.3v between a resistor of 4.7ohm then the wire and another wire to a5
sda-line to 3.3v between a resistor of 4.7ohm then the wire and another wire to a4

anyone can share the schematic with images? it's possible to create a manual of how to build the thermocam?

Thanks a lot.



Here is my circuit.


You can open with Fritzing software.
Thanks for the help.

Happy new year 2013.





Here are the default values I have for my BCI.

----------Let's begin!----------
*1: Read filter settings:
Filter settings: 40821.00
*2: Read maximum temp settings:
Maximum temp: 39315.00
*3: Read minimum temp settings:
Minimum temp: 25315.00
Done ! Save those values to restore them if necessary.

Thank you! Now I can confirm those numbers are rather standard for these sensors. Now the only doubt remaining is where/how are the calibration values stored. I'm curious about positions 0x03 and 0x09 (Ta Range and "Melexis reserved")

If anyone is curious about these values, I had started a new thread about this:



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Hi !

I just discovered the project : great idea, great thinkering !
I'm going to try it at home :) ... and it's going to be very usefull !

One question :  I saw some discussion about stacking pictures. If I understood well instead of getting one image in 3 minutes, you can leave it for much longer and get more measurement points and in the end have a higher resolution picture.
Am I correct ?
Did anyone looked into this ?

EDIT: I finally managed to take some time and assemble the project. I did exactly as per www.cheap-thermocam.tk instructions (only I added a 100uF between the GND and the 3.3V). It worked great.


I'm moving on to other projects and thought I would see if anyone was interested in purchasing the sensor. It's the BCI version and all the EEPROM values have been written to it and it's working nicely. I can leave the laser pointer that's hot glued next to it on as well as they are fairly well aligned. I was thinking $40 shipped in the CONUS if anyone wanted it. Send me a message if you are.

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