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Hello everyone,

The + lead of my 6 AA batteryholder with 6 AA NiMH batteries in it (a total voltage of 7.2 V) accidently has be connected to my Arduino' s Digital pin 0 (the RX Serial pin) . Is it damaged now? I didn't connect the - lead to the Arduino Board.

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Superpelican  =(


I didn't connect the - lead to the Arduino Board.

As you have stated that the negative connection was not connected to the board then it is my understanding that the circuit would not have been complete and as such no damage to your board could have occured

Maybe someone wiser than I will correct me if im wrong :)


Yes, if only one lead was connected to anything then there's no path for current to flow.
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Thank you for your reply, so mine RX pin isn't damaged!  :smiley-sweat:


Can you still upload code to the board?  If so, RX is fine.
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Was the negative lead connected to anything at all?

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