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This has been an issue for a few years, I wonder if there has been a good official answer to this yet. Because the Arduino IDE is based on the Processing IDE, their sketch files share the same file extension: .pde. The problem is, if I associate this file extension with either Processing or Arduino, I now lose the ability to open each file in the correct IDE every time.

Obviously this isn't an issue when you open the IDE first, then open the files through the IDE, but many times I (or many of my students) just want to double-click the sketch file itself and let the IDE open and load the sketch in one action.

I would love to see the Arduino sketch files have a different file extension, so that we can all start associating the correct IDEs with the correct file types.

I propose the file extension .ard. A quick Google search reveals that this file extension does not seem to currently be in use by any major software platforms, so its ripe for the Arduino platform.
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This will probably be one of those things that never gets fixed due to "backward compatibility", like how the headers on the Arduino board has always had odd spacing that makes it not fit on a 0.1" grid, plus a bunch of other problems with the Arduino.

A slow transition might be possible though, maybe open both .pde and .ard but save in .ard by default and auto-convert .pde to .ard
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One of the issues is that things like .ard are already in use for other applications (but so is .pde I suppose)

One of the things I want to see is the ability to create tabs with different extensions - why are we limited to .h and .cpp?
Why can't we use .hpp and .cpp and .hh and .cc and .h and .c?


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It appears ".ino" is what was settled on.

That really pisses me off.  I begged for an extension with more than three characters.  At this point in history, there is no valid reason to use a short extension.

Arduino 1.0 will conflict with Inno Setup needlessly continuing my file-extension pain.

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