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Hello all I am new to the arduino and microcontrolers in genral so sorry if this is a noob question but i could not find anything that gave me a good answer thanks every one for your help.

I have a CFAG24064a-GTI-T
according to the data sheet the last 4 charters means
G?LED, Green back-light can i just power this from the Adriano 3.3 or 5v
T?FSTN Negative LCD Mode if i'm understanding this thats just the type of display white background light coming through the letters
I?Transmissive, W. T, 6:00 LCD Polarizer Type/ Temperature range/ View direction (Not all that important right?)

T?Built in Negative Voltage & Temperature Compensation now this is the part that gets me is this saying that i dont have to worry about getting the voltage negative or what and what does the temperature compensation


A link to the datasheet would be helpful.  Then we could see all the information in context. 



Green back-light can i just power this from the Adriano 3.3 or 5v
I couldn't find any information in your (abbreviated) datasheet about how to deal with an LED backlight.  There are no pins dedicated to it either.  It may be powered by the logic power pins (2 and 3).

T?Built in Negative Voltage & Temperature Compensation
I think that his refers to the fact that the device has a built in negative power supply (pin 9) that you can use, with a potentiometer, to provide the 'Supply voltage for LCD'.



ok Thanks a lot i will give it a shot and let every one know thanks

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