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Hi, just got an Arduino UNO SMD, and am able to write and upload sketches using arduino-0022 software. 
I have now installed Eclipse  (Helios Service Release 2), along with WinAVR 20100110 and the AVR Eclipse Plugin 2.3.4
I have referenced many of the tutorials on how to set this up, but I continue to encounter a problem when selecting my hardware from within my project.

From my Project Properties > AVR > Target Hardware, I try to select ATmega328, but I get the error "This MCU is not supported".  Do I need to update the AVRDude.conf file with the 328 configuration.   There is a entry for ATmega328P, but not for ATmega328.

Any help would be appreciated.


Coding Badly

Yar!  There be a P on yer board, matey!

The Uno actually has a 328P on it.


Yar!  There be a P on yer board, matey!

The Uno actually has a 328P on it.

And I'm pretty sure that 328 chips without the P are not even offered by ATMEL. Am I wrong?


Coding Badly

I think Mouser still has DIPs...


I assume the one above is non-P and this below is with-P...


If I remember correctly the dash PU at the end is picopower (P) + package (U).


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