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I've found a code that i would like to get to work, which i have posted below.

It was originally designed as a bike alarm some years ago. But searching on the web it seems that since the Fona SIM808 has had newer versions the code no longer works, creating error problems while compiling, possibly the problem may be something else. This was designed for version 1 of the SIM808, i have version 7 i believe looking at the P/N Number.

I would like to purchase help with the following:

1. Alter the original or create the code to fix the error problem.
The code should be perfect for up to date versions of the hardware.

2. Test the code
 If you don't have a Lilypad, you can use the breadboard. I will also see it working

3. Explain the code in blocks. This is for me to understand.
 I have been using arduino for a few months and i'm thoroughly enjoying it and would like to understand it more, so understanding this is important.

4. If I have a question, provide answers and instructions.
 It is extremely important that I get to ask questions, because I want to be able to build it too.

5. Add a mini pir HC-SR505 to the code, so the alarm activates if the Accelerometer AND/or Mini PIR are activated and send the message in the same way.

6. Give information on best hardware to use.
It seems this was made for the nano or pro mini originally, but if the code is to big, what should be used.

Below is the origin of the code and the tutorial i have been following.


If you can do this, please email me at brownwire@hotmail.co.uk (include sample of work you have done).

PAY:  for the completed project with everything.
Start date: Straight away.
Project turn around: few days.
# of projects: 1.

Thank for your help.


Looked a bit at it, tried to compile it, but seems to be using a lot of functions that are deprecated in the newer version of the libraries it uses. Would probably take many hours (probably in the range of 10 to 15h) to get that to compile alone and it's not sure it would function unless you have all the associated hardware attached (quite a few $$ worth of sensors and others).

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