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Hi there

Take a look at post #1 in this thread, I provided the source code of the library for HT12E over there.

Your goal is to operate an Arduino with a RC, right? That's the point over here, I mean, to remote-control an Arduino.




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One question: If I use the HT12D in arduino , I can use the Virtualwire library that will work?


Olá neuron_upheaval, você fala português?

Tem alguma versão desta library para o Arduino 1.0.1 ?

It has some version of this library for Arduino 1.0.1?




Is it possible for the arduino to mimic the HT12E encoder?
I currently have a HT12D chip that i want to control using my arduino. It is essentially the reverse process.
Thank you


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Please refer to the following link to get the latest version of the HT12E library:


As of March 12th, 2014, the current version of the library still does not support sending data to an HT12D chip.

The original purpose of this library was to provide Arduino family of boards with an easy way to BE CONTROLLED REMOTELY by a remote control operated with an HT12E chip.

I have been receiving each day more requests asking for the development of an HT12D library, which would work in the opposite way, that is, letting an Arduino CONTROL remote devices operated with an HT12D chip. If this is what you are looking for, please open a new thread in the appropriate forum, entitled "HT12D library", so that I can more easily track records of it.




If you look at the first page of this topic, you will see a code I wrote to send to HT12D chips. It was in my early days and very crude, but it worked.
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Hey so I started a topic involving a remote using this encoder (I intend on reading the data and then sending that exact same data back out) but I seem to have hit a bit of a problem ... Instead o copy pasting everything's here's the thread



on other forum (http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,24424.0.html) has been some pictures or sketches about this issue. But those are not anymore available. Is it possible to get some picture or sketch to this forum? how connections are done and which parts is used to get idea clear..

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