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In case you still need people... I would be happy to pitch in. I'm most interested in eTextiles, interactive art and exhibit subforums.



Status? Do we have more moderators? Do we have a mechanism to get a few topics moved to the right (sub)forum, or stomp hard on crossposted duplicates?

No I dont have any particular examples at hand. I do not use the forum often enough to volunteer but might be persuaded to be drafted  8)


Glad someone else bumped this thread, I've been keeping quiet for fear of another 'we're busy but working on it' post.


?!? I was just browsing the Deutsch (German) forum and noticed the Forum "Title" has changed and includes: "Moderator Uwefed".

Well, congrats to Uwe, and is this a sign that the moderator issue is advancing a little? (Or has it been there all the time and I am just too slow on the uptake?)


With a little delay on the deadline ...

It's ok for me for the French section.

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