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Hello i think this is a newby question so please help me with a answer :)
I have connected a Motorshield to my arduino uno, and  4 ping sensors, to the motor shield are 2 small DC motors, the code with the ping sensors wath i'd come up its working just fine when the ardino is connected to the leptop. My question is this : I need to power the arduino uno AND the motorshiel ? or just one of them is enough? ( I have 9V battery's) and if i need to power both i understand i have to move some jumpers from VIN to PWRIN, and i don't know wath the PWM and PLL is . So please if some one can give me a detaild answer on my problems i will be extremly grateful. Thenk you very much. And if any one need i can put pic, and code or everything so you can help me...


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The most likely answer to your problem is your power source.  9V transistor batteries (small rectangular smoke alarm batteries) cannot provide enough current for motors so the supply voltage drops off.  Monitor the supply voltage with your meter to see.

Which (of many) motors shield are you using?  What are the specifications of the motors?

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