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I am new to this board so excuse me if I picked the wrong section for my question.

I would like to know if its possible to download the executable code for the current sketch on a diecimila, and upload that back again.
The reason is that I'm not sure if a sketch I have is the same or an older version of what's uploaded, and I don't want to lose the functionality of the uploaded version if my sketch is old.


you have to check AVRdude.exe and then the -D option (from my head) , check the manpages to be sure. Avrdude.exe and its manpage is part of the arduino download.
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I had a look at avrdude.exe the -D parameter is 'disable auto erase for flash memory'. I don't see anything about dumping the contents or flashing them back on.

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Do you want the bootloader preserved?

Do you have a second Arduino or an ICSP?


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There is an avrdude option (-U) to read memory, try "avrdude -?" to see the options.

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