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I am new to Arduino. I have a Duemilanove with ATmega 328p and a selfmade Serial Single Sided v3. The Duemilanove is used as the programmer. Uploading a Bootloader ("ATmegaBOOT_168_diecimila.hex") using cmd has already worked, but it seems like the ATmega 168 is using its internal crystal (Hope the right word, am from Germany and 14).
The Led lights 2s then it is out for 20s and then it lights again...
When I manually (using Arduino as ISP) upload the Blink sketch. The LED blinks 4x quicker than it says in the sketch, when I use the Serial connection in my sketch I only receive spaces.

Do I have to change fuses, how do i do this?
I can't upload sketches via my USB to Serial Converter.

Thank you

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The easiest solution is to use the Arduino IDE to burn the bootloader.  In addition to uploading the bootloader, the IDE sets the fuses.

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It works!


Can I directly burn the hex via Arduino ISP


when I use classes like Wire?

The libraries you use make no difference when it comes to uploading.

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these boards will be used for my own model railway control


Because I²C is not bidirectional

I believe I²C can be "multi-master".  If I remember correctly, the Wire library supports multi-master after a modification.  Unfortunately, I don't have the experience to help any more than that.

So, how quick is the I²C on the Arduino?

I can't help with that question either.  I suspect you'll find more help here...

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